Gas Diffusers (Porous Plugs)

Capital Refractories has over 16 years of experience producing gas diffusers (porous plugs) for the treatment of aluminium.

Our gas diffusers have been shown to consistently improve metal quality prior to casting and are considered to have low installation costs. Melt homogenisation is improved with respect to both temperature and chemistry.

The gas typically used is either argon or nitrogen. However, for removing light metals such as magnesium and calcium, chlorine is often utilised through specially designed diffusers.

Gas Diffusers

Product Name Product Description
Caperdiff 94AL Pressed and fired permeable alumina diffuser for both ferrous and non ferrous application. A high strength product where mechanical damage (cleaning) may be an issue, together with a low pore size to give a finely dispersed bubble swarm.

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