Ceramic Shapes Overview

Capital Refractories has modern and progressive manufacturing facilities that produce a wide range of pressed and cast specialist shapes.

The manufacture of ceramic shapes, crucibles and precast, to name a few of the products available, has proved hugely successful since work commenced in the Czech Republic almost 20 years ago. 

This combined with Capital’s second facility, based in the north of the UK, which primarily focuses on the manufacture of pressed nozzles, allows Capital to fulfil all the ceramic cast shapes required to serve foundry businesses across the globe. 

Capital can cast, dry and fire ceramic shapes to tight tolerances and we can produce shapes manufactured using Capital material specifications. We are constantly reacting to customer demand and developing new products and material specifications as requested by customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a requirement. 

Product Range

Product groups that Capital supply:

  • Isopressed crucibles
  • Vibrocast  crucibles
  • Liners / one-shot liners 
  • Ladles, T-pot ladles 
  • Nozzles  
  • Distribution boxes / headboxes 
  • Launders 
  • Tundishes 
  • Dosing cones 
  • Atomising cones 
  • Target tundishes 
  • Pouring cups 
  • Gas diffusers (porous plugs) 
  • Well blocks, installation blocks 
  • Tiles, burner tiles and burner blocks

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