Crucibles Overview

All crucibles, alumina, magnesia and zirconia to name a few, are manufactured in Capital's own modern purpose-built facility in the Czech Republic where we press, cast and fire various materials into crucibles.

Product Range


Capital Refractories is able to supply a full range of isostatically pressed crucibles from 2 kg capacity to 75 kg, in different grades and qualities. We use a state-of-the-art semi-automated cold isostatic press. Cold isostatic pressing applies pressure to the workpiece in all directions producing products of uniform density. 

The advantages of Isostatically Pressed Crucibles are:

  • Wide range of qualities
  • Wide range of crucibles sizes
  • Smooth internal surface giving a reduction of inclusions
  • Consistent material properties throughout crucible
  • Defect free- no casting bubbles etc
  • Uniform density throughout the product improving its resistance to thermal stress


Crucibles are produced by vibration casting (vibrocast) when the required size or shape is uneconomical or impractical by the isopressing production method.

Capital Refractories can offer a range of vibration cast crucibles, including T-Pot Ladles:

Complex shapes, e.g. internal pouring siphon

To complement our range of crucibles we also offer numerous ancillary products and materials used within the investment and related foundry industries.


Quality Description
Zircon ZN66I Used for non-ferrous and precious metals
Zirconia ..... Used in the vacuum melting of superalloys and precious metals
..... ZC93I General applications
..... ZC95I High thermal shock resistance for noble metals
..... ZC96I Fine grained structure for noble metals


Quality Al2O3 SiO2 CaO Fe2O3 ZrO2 + HfO2
Zircon ZN66I 71.8 25.7 0.2 0.5 66.6
Zirconia ZC93I 0.8 1.2 4.0 0.1 93.0
Zirconia ZC95I 1.0 1.5 3.8 <0.1 92.9
Zirconia ZC96I 0.6 0.9 4.4 0.1 94.0


Quality Bulk Density / g cm-3 Apparent Porosity / % Thermal Expansion / x10-6 K-1 Thermal Conductivity / W m-1 K-1 Maximum Service Temperature / °C
Zircon ZN66I 2.32 21.5 4.2 1.8 1700
Zircon ZC93I 4.35 20.0 8.4 1.5 1850
Zircon ZC95I 4.50 18.5 8.5 1.6 1850
Zircon ZC96I 4.50 18.5 8.5 1.6 1850

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