Gas Diffuser Specification

Gas Diffuser Sizes

Gas Diffuser Model Specification Specification Specification Specification
Drawing No. Diameter / mm Height / mm Pipe / mm Type
7232 46 64 37 Directional
7114 46 64 37 Permeable
7219 48 130 38 Permeable

To avoid confusion, it is recommended to include the drawing number on any order.

Gas Diffuser Product Description

Product Name Product Description
Caperdiff 94BN Pressed and fired high strength permeable chromia-enriched alumina diffuser for both ferrous and non-ferrous application.
Caperdiff 94AL Pressed and fired permeable alumina diffuser for both ferrous and non-ferrous application. A high strength product where mechanical damage (cleaning) may be an issue, together with a low pore size to give a finely dispersed bubble swarm.
Caperdiff 90ALR Pressed and fired permeable alumina diffuser designed specifically for aluminium applications. A high strength product whose chemistry and physical properties have been modified to resist penetration by aluminium yet permit sufficient gas flow for effective treatment of the melt. Can be utilised for inert gas stirring or reactive purging with chlorine.
Caprax ASF DP A low cement, alumina-magnesia spinel directional or channel porosity diffuser, for application in steel ladles where there is an aggressive slag environment.

Caperdiff 94AL is one of a range of qualities designed for use. The quality of the plug depends on the application.

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