We are a family run company established over 70 years ago with a global presence with customers in over 40 countries. We have 300 employees based at 9 sites in the UK, US, Europe, China and India and supply a wide range of refractory and technical ceramic products.

Who are our customers?

  • Many of our customers are metal melters such as steel and non-ferrous foundries, steel mills, investment casters, superalloy master melters and aluminium melters
  • Our customers’ end users are in diverse industries from mining and petrochemical to automotive, aerospace and power generation
  • Other customers are in other heat process industries such as cement, incineration, waste to energy, petrochemical and ceramics

What products do we supply?

Our product range covers many heat process applications, our areas of speciality include:

  • coreless induction furnaces
  • aluminium melting and handling
  • ladle and launder linings

Our refractory products are available in many forms - dry ram, wet ram, cast and shaped refractories - as well as a wide range of ancillary products including ceramic shapes for molten metal melting and handling including:

  • Ceramic cores especially for Aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbine industries
  • One-shot and multi-use crucibles for investment casting
  • Tundishes and distribution boxes for the superalloy master melt industry
  • Flow control nozzles and devices for steel, foundry and atomising industry

How innovative are we?

Capital has a strong reputation for developing new products such as

  • gas diffuser for use in induction furnaces
  • ladle opening systems with multi-use stopper and interchangeable nozzle diameters

More than 20% of our products sold are less than five years old and our product solutions are supported by our strong engineering and technical teams. Our latest innovations include:

  • Engineered tortuosity molten metal filters
  • Rotary slide gate (no stopper) for multiple openings with ladles ranging from 5 to 25 tonnes.
  • Speed-Line precast blocks for quick turnaround in aluminium rotary furnaces

What is our vision?

  • Smart business processes
  • Innovative products & solutions 
  • Experts in our field
  • Value to customers
  • Engaged staff