Capital supplies Unibore systems to improve the bottom pouring of ladles.


Capital Refractories’ Unibore nozzle system has been developed to complement Multicast – the proven reusable stopper system.

This unique two component system consists of a re-usable outer nozzle and an inner nozzle, which is available in a wide range of bore diameters.

This offers a new method of changing the diameter of the nozzles after each cast by replacing the inner part of the nozzle only.

Unibore's unique two-piece nozzle is fundamentally different to conventional one-piece nozzles.

Major Differences of Unibore Compared to a Standard Nozzle:

  • The outer section of the nozzle is much larger
  • The inner nozzle, which has a tapered design and is available in a range of bore diameters, is quickly and easily changed
  • The operative works from the outside of the ladle away from the effects of heat. The one-piece stopper also remains in place and does not need resetting

Unique Selling Points:

  • Reduced consumable costs: notably stoppers, nozzles, and filters
  • Quicker, more stable, and controllable metal flow
  • Potential to improve the quality of the casting
  • Reduced vortexing and drag.
  • The flexibility of selecting the correct bore diameter for the planned castings without needing to strip the ladle down
  • Quicker turn-round of ladle
  •  Reduced preheating costs between melts
  • Reduced labour costs from set up of ladle and stoppers
  • Reduced ladle inventory
  • Can be used with most bottom pour ladles

In addition to the nozzle diameter flexibility, there are potential technical benefits in converting to the system. The large opening of the outer section reduces drag from the stopper and nozzle reducing flow rate fall off. Customer tests have also shown that mould washing is reduced dramatically, because of a reduction in vortexing and flaring from the tapered design of the inner nozzle. This can result in an improvement in quality and a reduction in rework of castings.

Due to the reduced drag of metal through Unibore, metal flow rates are higher than with conventional nozzles. Thus in order to achieve similar flow rates, a smaller diameter inner nozzle is usually employed.

Unibore is available with a wide range of bore sizes from 25 to 100 mm.

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