Coreless Induction Furnace Linings

Capital manufactures an extensive range of linings including spinel and mullite forming products. These have been specifically developed for a variety of metals and some allow for a mixed melting programme. The furnace lining products are complemented by a complete range of toppings, spout, repair, and patching materials.

Key Benefits:

  • Capital is at the forefront of technologically innovative induction furnace lining solutions
  • We are a leading company in terms of the quality and performance of our products
  • Our superior and comprehensive product ranges are backed by effective service and technical support
  • Capital has a process of continual development to advance the performance of existing products and to introduce new ones

Product Range

Dry Rammed Lining

Capital Refractories offer a full range of coreless induction furnace linings, topping and patching products for a wide range of steels and high temperature alloys.

Topping and Spout Material

A range of air setting, chemically bonded high strength materials and dry vibration products compatible with Capital’s dry linings.

Coil Screed

High grade fine hydraulic cements.

Slip Plane Material (Micanite/Mica)

The slip plane is positioned against the coil screed to provide a smooth surface. This is essential for uninhibited reversible movement of the refractory lining caused by its thermal expansion and contraction. The mica also offers a degree of protection against metal penetration.

Mica Mesh
A sandwich of metal mesh between two layers of mica is available which is used in systems that give early warning of metal penetration through a lining.

Repair Material

Hydraulically bonded multi-purpose castable.

Hot Face Dry Rammed Linings

Product Name Product Description Bond Max. Servce Temperature (°C)
Coral CXL General purpose dense spinel-forming dry vibration lining with a wide melting temperature range. Ceramic 1700* 1730†
Coral GR9 A dense dry spinel-forming dry ramming mix for a wide range of steels and high alloyed, non-ferrous metals. Ceramic 1700* 1760†
Coral SXL High duty spinel-forming lining to withstand elevated temperatures. Ceramic 1700* 1750†
Coral 85 High performance lining designed for large furnaces operating at high temperatures. Ceramic 1700* 1750†
CRL 75 Dense mullite-forming lining for the melting of irons, steels and copper based alloys. Ceramic 1650* 1700†

Topping and Spout Materials

Product Name Product Description Bond Max. Service Temperature (°C)
Capram 90 High alumina hard wearign rammable/plastic. Chemical 1800
Capram 80C5 Chrome enriched high alumina plastic Chemical 1700
Capram 85 Air setting high strength high alumina ramming mix Chemical 1650
WS90 Rammable High alumina ramming mix Chemical 1800
Coral CAP Dense spinel-forming dry vibration ramming mix Ceramic 1700

Coild Screed (Grout)

Product Name Product Description Maximum Grain Size (mm) Bond Max. Service Temperature (°C)
Silkote 90 High alumina mix with a very smooth surface finish. 1 Hydraulic 1700
Capscreed High alumina and high strength screed for push-out furnaces. 1 Hydraulic 1680
Capscreed 96C High fluidity, self-flowing, high alumina mix. 1/3 Hydraulic 1800
Capgrout High alumina mix with easy applicability 1 Hydraulic 1700

Slip Plane Material (Micanite/Mica)

Product Name Length (m) Width (m) Thickness (mm) Form
Mica Sheet 1.2/1.8/2.2 1.0 0.4 Sheet
Mica Roll 12.5 1.0 0.3 Roll
Mica Glass 20.0 1.0 2.0 Roll
Combi-Roll 12.5 1.0 2.0 Roll
Mica Foil 20.0 1.0 0.4 Roll
Mica Weave 20.0 1.0 0.28 Roll

Repair Material

Product Name Product Discription Bond Max. Service Temperature (°C)
D10 Plaster Aluminosilicate patching plaster. Chemical 1700
D10F Finer version of D10 Chemical 1700
Capram 90F High grade high alumina patching and topping material, Chemical 1800
Capram 90LP High performance reduced phosphate high alumina patching and topping material. Chemical 1800

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