Castables/Gunning Materials

Capital provides an extensive range of castable solutions which are suitable for various methods of installation including vibration casting, ramming, pouring, pumping, gunning and troweling.

Our Caprax and Pencrete LC ranges of low cement castable products (LCC) offer increased strength and erosion resistance in high temperature and corrosive environments. These include a range of self-flowing castables (under the Capflow range) that can be poured or vibrated into position. Many LCC's are suitable for metal contact in non-ferrous metal and other heat treatment applications. We also offer a number of castables enriched with silcon carbide that results in improved non-wetting resistance to copper.

We also offer conventional (medium) cement castables in our SilcastPencreteCapscreed, Capgrout and Silkote ranges. These are suitable for a huge range of applications and temperatures. 

Furthermore, Capital can supply insulating castables which have low thermal conductivity and high-volume stability .

Our PBond range of products have the added benefits of no curing and rapid dry out combined with excellent adhesion to other refractories; they are available as either single or two-component phosphate bonded castables. This range is ideal for repairs in a variety of industries.

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