Insulation Materials

Capital Refractories supply a range of insulating materials to for use between ladle shells and the cast lining to control heat loss. These include: insulation boards, foil wrapped flexible boards, moist felt and bricks. They are also used in other applications such as auto-pour units.

Moist Felt is supplied in 0.5 m widths and 1 m lengths and 5 mm thicknesses.

Foil-wrapped Insulation Boards are supplied in a wide range of sizes with thicknesses of 3, 5, 7 and 10 mm.

Capital also supplies a range of insulating castables installed by vibro-casting or gunning.

Below is a table of some commonly used products that we supply.


Product Name Description
Supra Brick General purpose insulating refractory bricks are used under Firebrick Hearths or as backup insulation lining.
Calcium Silicate Board Non-combustible and asbestos free insulation material used in a wide variety of applications for backup insulation.
Microporous Board Extremely low thermal conductivity board.
Superflex Flexible microporous thermal insulation materials with extremely low thermal conductivity. Widely used to back curved surfaces.


Product Name Al2O3 SiO2 Fe2O3 CaO Other
Supra Brick 9 77 7 1 -
Calcium Silicate Board <1 47 <1 42 -
Microporous board - 80 - - SiC 15
Superflex 10 60 - - ZrO2 25


Product Name Maximum Service Temperature / °C Bulk Density / g cm-3 Thermal Conductivity / W m-1 K-1
400 °C 800 °C
Supra Brick 950 0.75 0.2 0.2
Calciuim Silicate Board 1000 0.23 0.1 0.1
Microporous Board 1000 0.23 0.02 0.04
Superflex 1000 0.35 0.02 0.04

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