CIC Process Engineer Gains Prestigious Qualification

After less than five months with Capital Injection Ceramics Ltd, Roshan Chaggar has gained his Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma certification.

Roshan, who is from Bedfordshire joined CIC as a process engineer in August last year, after studying Chemical Engineering at The University of Sheffield where he gained a master’s degree.

He achieved his Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma through a series of on-line lectures covering areas such as process variation, waste reduction and product quality as well as statistical analysis, before taking his final exam.

As part of his Black Belt training, Roshan also worked on a few projects that focused on consistency and repeatability during CIC’s kiln firing process and dimensions for several problematic cores.

These projects have helped to improve yields and laid the groundwork for changes to be applied to other cores.   

Roshan says gaining the prestigious qualification will enable him to take part in other projects within the business to help further improve process quality and reduce variation and waste.

He added: “I feel proud to have achieved this goal in such a short space of time having just completed my University studies. I feel I can use the skills and experience to progress further as a process engineer.”

Fraser Strath,Technical and Plant Manager at CIC said: "We wish to congratulate Roshan for his hard work and determination." 

As part of his role at CIC, Roshan uses statistical process control for continuous improvements whilst ensuring CIC’s operations adhere to the quality AS9100 system and specific quality criteria from customers.

CIC, based in Corby, Northamptonshire, specialises in the manufacture of injected ceramic cores used in the industrial gas turbine (IGT) and aerospace industries with an established and proven range of core bodies. CIC is also certified to AS9100, the highly respected aerospace quality management standard.

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