Celebrations as New Isostatic Press Arrives at Czech Plant

Staff at Capital Refractories are celebrating after the arrival of a new equipment at the company’s Czech plant.

The addition of the new isostatic press was particularly special as its journey was slightly delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions. Good things come to those who wait though, and after a brief stop in Belgium, delivery of the special cargo was finally made.

Investment in this new equipment will enable Capital to advance its technological capabilities, improve the quality of products and increase the product range.

The manufacturing of ceramic shapes, crucibles and precast amongst other products, has been hugely successful for Capital since work started at the plant in the Czech Republic almost 20 years ago.

Tomasz Janas, general manager at the Czech plant said: “The new kit brings the necessary technological foundation that we need to improve our products.”

The isostatic press works by applying a very high and equal pressure, through a liquid, to an already compacted shape, such as a crucible. It enables higher pressures to be applied while also enabling an improved stabilized process, thanks to the automated pressing cycle.

The press is also easier to use and there is less handling and weight to carry for operators, allowing the system to run smoother. In just a few weeks in operation, the press has already shown a significant shift in simplicity of control and quality of pressing.

Tomasz added: “It brings great motivation to improve our processes further and to achieve significantly better products that will be of value to both existing and new customers.’