Capital's Product Manager to Give Talk at Refractory Webinar

On Thursday, March 4, Julie Hardy, who is Capital's Product Manager - Castables, is giving a talk titled: 'A new Generation of Phosphate Bonded Refractories' as part of a technical program which has been put together by the European Cluster of Ceramics.

Julie said: "Our new generation of phosphate bonded refractories offers a number installation and performance advantages over existing materials. They are proving successful in a range of aluminium, biomass energy, Waste to Energy and other applications."

Anyone is welcome to attend the webinar session  and will be of special interest to people with a scientific background from design, methods, production and R&D departments.The event, which is held between 9am and 12.20pm, brings together a variety of experts who are set to explain latest trends in refractories, regarding innovation, circular economy and training.

Registration for the event can be found at: