Update on GIFA 2015 Dusseldorf Germany Expo

The 2015 GIFA exhibition at Dusseldorf, Germany, was one the most successful shows for Capital Refractories Group with regards to customer attendance at our stand.

Visitors' to our stand, new as well as existing customers, have requested quotations for products and arranged trials of various products showcased on the stand, these will be conducted by our sales staff and distributors in the coming months.

The number, over 350 new enquiries from around the world, of customers who attended our stand, highlighted the reach that the GIFA show still has. The geographic breakdown of visitors to our stand included 40% from India, 25% from China, 10% from South America, 20% from Europe (including Russia) the balance from a number of other countries and continents.

Many companies have arranged, and confirmed, trials with our new range of neutral spinel furnace linings that have been developed, with the assistance of a local test foundry.

The benefits recorded include a minimum 20% increase in lining life, reduced gas defects and less slag inclusions, especially combined with our unique gas diffuser system for the Induction furnace that has now been developed and operational for over 12 years.

Our new range of dry vibratable capping materials (neutral and mullite based), developed to reduce metal penetration at the joint line attracted great interest as this is an area that often results in downtime.

Our new range of slip planes for use with the aforementioned products has also been well received with new trials arranged worldwide.

The patented Unibore, two piece reusable nozzle system for bottom pouring of various metals and alloys has once again proven to be of interest to foundries around the world.

The benefits reported by customers using the Unibore system include reduction of inclusions, compared to standard reverse taper nozzle systems and lip poured casting.

We have received orders, as a direct result of enquiries from GIFA for India, South Africa, China and Europe for the Unibore system in a range of ladles ranging from 0.5t to 20t capacity.

Update on GIFA 2015 Dusseldorf Germany Expo

Update on GIFA 2015 Dusseldorf Germany Expo

Update on GIFA 2015 Dusseldorf Germany Expo