CIC announces its certification to the AS9100 aerospace QMS standard

CIC has been certified to the ISO9001 standard since its formation in 2006; at the beginning of 2008 the strategic decision was taken to attain AS9100 certification. The reason to adopt this more rigorous and demanding standard was to demonstrate to existing customers our commitment to exceptional quality standards and, of course, to attract new customers. It is believed that CIC is the only independent ceramic core manufacturer certified to the AS9100 standard.

The AS9100 quality standard is the widely adopted quality management system for the aerospace industry. It was released in 1999 in the United States by the Society of Automotive Engineers as ‘AS9100 Quality Management Systems – Aerospace Requirements’ and subsequently released by other Standards bodies worldwide. Major aerospace manufacturers and suppliers worldwide require compliance to AS9100 as a condition of their supply chain.

Over 90% of CIC’s production constitutes complex ceramic cores for blades and vanes for land based Industrial Gas Turbine applications (among others, CIC manufacture 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th stage blades and vanes for end-users Siemens, Alstom, GE and Ansaldo). The customers for these cores, although not normally requiring AS9100 certification of suppliers, do see this Standard as enhanced company control in producing to this exacting quality requirement. In addition to IGT, CIC produces ceramic cores for medical and hardware applications and, recently CIC has begun production of ceramic cores for aerospace applications.

CIC was originally founded in 2005; it became part of the Capital Refractories Group early in 2007. Many CIC customers already have an established supply relationship with Capital Refractories for products within its existing portfolio i.e. ceramic crucibles for vacuum and air melting, pouring cups, pre-cast ceramic shapes, induction furnace linings, mould repair materials, gas diffusion technology etc. Since 2005, CIC has successfully developed over 160 tools for the ceramic core process; in the case of many transferred IGT tools, CIC has been successful where one or even more core suppliers have been unsuccessful.

2008 saw CIC develop over 50 tools (new build and transfer), mostly IGT parts, demonstrating the ability to react to customers urgent requirements. This period resulted in production being doubled; floor-space tripled and increased development resources to ensure capacity for future growth. CIC has seen continuing growth in 2009 and is investing correspondingly; this year orders have been placed for new presses, CNC machines, a new kiln and drying facilities.

Last year CIC was presented with an award for New Supplier of the Year by Doncasters Group CEO Eric Lewis. CIC’s other customers include AETC, ESCO, EMA, Wood Group and Alcoa-Howmet.