Filters Expert Gives Talk on Filters at International Foundry Conference

Capital’s expert Ian Andrews has been sharing information about our innovate MetCon G filters at the World Foundry Organisation’s Technical Forum and International Foundry Conference in Slovenia.

MetCon G is a new concept filter for cost effective and consistent flow modification and filtration of steel and heavy iron castings.

At present there are many filters that can vary in composition depending on the type of metal being poured. The type of filter offered however does not change, they are either foam, pressed or extruded. Each has advantages and disadvantages:

Foam filters: Have very good filtration efficiency and flow modification but are inconsistent and variable. This means their flow rates and capacities will vary from one filter to another.

Pressed and extruded filters: Are very consistent and offer repeatable flow rates and capacities but are not as effective as foam filters in terms of filtration efficiency and flow modification.

MetCon G filters are a new type of carbon bonded filter that offer the best of both worlds. They have a similar filtration efficiency and flow modification to foam filters along with the consistency and repeatability of pressed and extruded filters. In addition, the porosity of MetCon G filters can be engineered so that it is right for the alloy being poured.

Ian will also be at the Spain Foundry Congress, 2019, in Bilbao, Spain on Thursday, September 26. For further information about filters or to find out more about Capital extensive range of consumables for use with molten metal, get in touch at: or call us on: +44 (0) 1246 811163

Filters Expert Gives Talk on Filters at International Foundry Conference