Crucible Gas Diffuser

Capital Refractories has now incorporated their gas diffuser technology into a pressed crucible. The resultant metallurgical treatment crucible is a multi-use, isostatically pressed one-piece refractory vessel with an integral gas supply device.

The granulometry of the crucibles walls and base is such that gas can easily travel through it. This allows the gas to enter the metal not just from the base but also the side walls as shown in the animation to the right. The outer wall of the crucible can be coated with an inorganic sealant to inhibit loss of gas through the external surface.

Trials have indicated that these crucibles are very effective in imparting the benefits of gas diffusion to metal: homogenising the melt and removing slag particles to the surface. In many cases, there appears to be a concurrent improvement in vessel life.

Gas consumprion has been proven to be substantially reduced when compared with surface gas blanket techniques.

Capital's crucible gas diffuser is subject to a UK Patent Application No. 07230402