Case Study D

A company that produce engineering castings for the offshore industry have become yet another satisfied Capital Refractories customer.

This Dutch foundry has recently installed a gas diffuser in their 500 kg furnace. This furnace is used for producing steel castings.

The metal quality is markedly improved and appears far cleaner. There has also been a 30% improvement on the mechanical properties of the metal during low temperature impact testing. Obviously this is significant for the industry for which they cater .

Reports suggest that the company are delighted with our impact on their production, and are looking to install another plug on a furnace used to produce other steel grades shortly.


  • Although gas levels remained constant, the impact strength increased as the gas diffuser removed other contaminants (such as sand and refractory inclusions).
  • Scrap levels have been drastically reduced.
  • Quality of the metal has been vastly improved due to a stainless steel alloy being purged with the gas diffuser.