Case Study C

A large foundry has recently installed a gas diffuser with a specific aim.

The foundry wished to become more economical due to the high scrap rate produced from the 600 kg furnace. Ring castings were also pin-holed and these issues were thought to be due to high levels of nitrogen.

Our plug was installed to be utilised with argon. Use of the plug led to a large reduction in nitrogen levels and the scrapping of castings being halved. Deterioration of linings is also reduced with the use of a gas diffuser. The company are now looking to put plugs in all furnaces which will reduce lining wear, reduce scrap and increase the metal quality.

Metal quality has been hugely improved and the foundry expect glowing reports from their customers about this.


  • Reduced Nitrogen levels from 0.42% to 0.22%
  • Reduced scrap levels