Case Study B

A steel foundry was experiencing quality problems with a high scrap and reclamation rate. Defects in the metal were particularly apparent on the top face. It was thought to be due to dissolved nitrogen coming out of the solution which could be reduced by flushing with argon.

A Capital plug was introduced in the base of the foundry’s 300 kg furnace and there was a large improvement in the casting quality of the metals. With over 70 casts undertaken, there was found to be only a slight deterioration of the plug with no wearing of the lining.

Our gas diffuser is being used successfully with argon at the foundry. Reports suggest that the castings being taken are the foundry’s best quality in history, and the use of our plugs is now standard practice in the Induction Furnace.


  • Reduced scrap rate
  • Reduced nitrogen levels
  • Improvement in cast quality