Case Study A

A particularly large foundry was one of the first to take advantage of our highly developed gas diffusers for their induction furnace.

Whilst it is well known that gas diffusers can greatly improve metal quality and reduce gases within the melt, it took a lining problem for this company to further investigate this gas treatment solution.

The problem was zonal overheating of the linings, in particular the lower side wall. The brick lining was being heated beyond its capability thereby causing severe wear on the bricks and potentially disastrous fusion of the backing powder.

We introduced our gas diffuser and began passing argon through the melt which caused a stirring effect. This displaced the superheated metal into the remainder of the melt on a continuous basis and therefore homogenised the temperature throughout the bulk of the melt. By eliminating this superheated zone the condition of the bricks at this location improved dramatically with a consequent substantial improvement in lining life. The company now use 8 plugs a month from us.

We are continuing to work with this induction furnace team to improve their production and are looking to install a gas diffuser in the base of the casting ladle shortly.


  • A reduced bath temperature
  • Reduction of “elephant’s foot”
  • Even wear of refractory lining
  • Increased life of consumables