Gas Diffusers

Capital Refractories are now able to offer an extensive series of gas diffuser products for the treatment of melts across a range hot metal industries.

Gas purging homogenises the melt and can contribute to the purification of the alloy. Homogenisation aims for equalisation of the analysis and temperature of the metal in the vessel. Gas purging can effect rapid distribution and dissolution of alloying and deoxidising agents and quick adjustment of casting temperature can be achieved. Reduction of deleterious gas content and separation of non - metallic inclusions, with subsequent improvement in metal quality resulting from their elimination from the melt.

All Capital Refractories gas diffusers are supplied to suit the customers' requirements with respect to the metal casings and gas feed pipe work, the choice of these being dictated by the application, this being particularly important in aluminium melt applications if there is the possibility of chlorine being used as a purging gas.

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