Silicon Carbide

Capital Refractories Limited is the sole UK agents for August Gundlach GmbH to supply their Mars Isomelt range of graphite-silicon carbide crucibles for non-ferrous melting.

Mars crucibles are renowned for high performance and quality. August Gundlach has produced crucibles for over 100 years, pioneering crucible manufacture by isostatic pressing. The Mars Isopress system is designed to produce a superior product to competitors' products that are produced by manufacturing processes such as uni-axial pressing, hand tamping, vibro-casting or dollying. August Gundlach's unique process, protected by worldwide patents, represents the most modern forming and manufacturing system in this field of refractories.

Benefits of Mars Crucibles

  • High thermal conductivity saves energy by quicker melt times.
  • High resistance to oxidisation maintains a consistent thermal conductivity throughout the crucible life.
  • High resistance to chemical attack.
  • Reduced deposition of slag.