Capital Refractories is able to supply a full range of Isostatically-Pressed Crucibles from 2 kg capacity to 75 kg, in different grades and qualities.

The advantages of Isostatically-Pressed Crucibles are:

  • Wide range of qualities.
  • Wide range of crucibles sizes
  • Smooth internal surface giving a reduction of inclusions.
  • Consistent material properties throughout crucible.
  • Cost effective.

Capital Refractories is able to offer a range of Isostatically-Pressed Crucibles.

Quality Description
Alumina General purpose crucibles with good resistance to acidic and basic slags. It is used for a wide range of alloys and stainless steels.
AL97I Superior erosion resistance.
AL88I Improved thermal shock resistance.
Chrome-alumina Chrome-enriched crucible has a high resistance to slags. Preferred to alumina in more arduous applications.
CA93I Superior erosion resistance
CA91I Specially formulated to withstand the most severe thermal shock applications
CA84I Improved thermal shock resistance.
Magnesia High resistance to basic slags. Used in vacuum melting of Ni, Co and Fe-based alloys.
MG88I Used in vacuum melting of Ni, Co and Fe-based alloys.
MG95I Resistant to the special alloys used in semi-conductor and sputer target industries .
Mullite ML72I High thermal shock resistance. Resistant to basic slags.
Zircon ZN66I Good resistance to acidic slags. It is used for non-ferrous and precious metals.
Zirconia High resistance to acidic slags. Used in the vacuum melting of Superalloys and precious metals
ZC93I General applications.
ZC95I High thermal shock resistance. Available in crucible model sizes of 1016 and larger.
ZC96I Fine grained structure for noble metals. Available in crucible model sizes up to 1427.

A recent development is the incorporation of a gas diffuser into a crucible. Click here for more details.